We only want the best!!

With Fresh Garden we strive for the best.

  • Best product
  • Best sustainability
  • Best product safety
  • Best welfare for all the workers
  • Best interest in your privacy

Best product and sustainability

We work with growers for many, many years and like to do so for a long time. This can only be done when we get the best product.

This doesn’t mean we put a lot in the bin, because also a cucumber with a bend in it taste great. So that will find it’s way aswell. We also try to get our foodprint as low as possible. In that matter we have our office set up with solar panels to be self sufficient. Also our grower do their best for a sustainable future.

Product safety

Nobody is perfect, but we do try to get the safety like that. To get that safety we have as minimum in place:

  • Growers have got a minimum of GlobalGap
  • Transport have got their BRC certificates
  • If product is beeing processed, there will be a minimum BRC certificate


We pursue worker health by asking the grower to comply with the GRASP module of GlobalGap. This addition to the GlobalGap is intented to assess social risk on the work floor.


Personal data:

Also Fresh Garden has to hold a certain amount of private data in our system. With the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) we have to describe how and what we are holding in our system and how we protect this information.

We not only hold Company Information within our systems, but also of the people that work there. This information is needed to do daily business with each other.

The systems we hold this information in is backed-up and minimum password protected. We use the following systems which contains part or fully of the information stated earlier:

- Microsoft Office, stored locally

- Mobile phones

- Local phones

- Administration system, stored in cloud, protected by FreshERP.

You have got the right to access/rectify/delete your own information. We use data relating to your business to facilitate trading with you and your company, invoicing and for general correspondence with your staff on a regular basis. This data will never be sold/traded or transferred to a third party without your consent.

For privacy-related questions or notifications, please contact privacy@freshgarden.nl .

Google Analytics:

On our website we us Google analytics to see how users are using our website. This includes your IP address and cookies. Google uses this data for their own purposes. We have no influence on this.